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Welcome To Lowforge Gundogs

Our introduction into the world of gundogs began when we bought our first Labrador, to be used as my peg dog. From these modest beginnings, we quickly began to appreciate the enjoyment of working a dog in the field. The next step was to attempt to train a dog for ourselves, this worked out very nicely, so we decided to repeat the exercise.


Over the course of the last ten years, we began to breed our own dogs, and are pleased to see Lowforge dogs competing at the highest level, in both Working Tests, and Field Trials. There are also numerous dogs of our breeding working on shoots throughout the country.

We are fortunate enough to have several shoots nearby, and from August 12th, through to 1st February, there is no shortage of opportunities to work the dogs. 


It is hoped you will enjoy our site. We will keep the site updated on a regular basis, with new photos, and any news, so please keep looking in.

If you have enjoyed the photographs on this website and would like to see more please visit Workingline Images. 


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