Having previously run courses for the Gundog Club, and having several years experience of training, and working our own dogs, we are able to offer 1-2-1 training sessions from puppy upwards.


After an initial assesment we will structure your training to help you and your dog towards achieving your goal whether that is having a well behaved pet, entering competitons, or working your dog in the field.


For further information, or to book a lesson, please contact  Jane, on  07748 184551 or by email


Puppy sessions are normally 30 minutes in duration, and ideally pups would be around 6 months old.  The aim of our puppy lessons is to help you instil the basic commands that any dog requires, not just gundogs. Sit, Stay, Heel and Recall, together with the introduction of the whistle commands These are all essential elements that need to be mastered before progressing to novice.


£15 per 30 minute session



Novice dogs are normally 12 months and upwards.   Initially we set out to re-inforce lessons learnt in Puppy class and then use those as building blocks to take the training plan forward.  This will see the introduction of handling excercises, re-inforcement of whistle commands, and steadiness.


£25 per hour session


These lessons are designed for dogs and handlers progressing towards working their dogs.   They will feature an introduction to shot, and to cold game.  For dogs of an appropriate standard we are able to offer experience of a shoot day.


£25 per hour session (not including shoot days)


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